System Design Practice Book

Solving Complex Problems:

An Introduction to System Design

Facing a Hard Problem? Systems Design Can Help.

What if you could untangle your organization’s hardest problems? Nearly every problem in the modern age involves a complex or complicated system. Fortunately, systems design makes long-term, sustainable solutions possible. This revolutionary approach combines the best of design thinking and systems design to radically advance solutions to the most intractable challenges. 

Learn the Secret Innovation Centers Use to Solve Your Hardest Problems

Rather than solving one small part of a problem at a time–creating a customer experience that tangles up our supply chain, for example–System Design looks at problems through a larger lens. Nur established the system design practice in cutting edge innovation centers and companies, and teaches you how to apply it to your organization’s hardest problems in her forthcoming book. She’ll give you step by step approaches–with examples–to ensure your team can hit the ground running.

Even better, you’ll be able to take the same approach to leapfrog your efforts forward in innovation, sustainability, and any other effort involving complexity. Finally, a way to tackle large and complicated systems! Finally, a way to find innovative opportunities without all the risk. With system design, you and your team can do it.

More about System Design

The Story of System Design

System design combines two of the design world’s most powerful methodologies—design thinking and systems thinking—into a framework that harnesses the best of each while adding unique features. The approach arose from necessity. Over the last two decades, Nur and her teams have faced increasingly complex problems, some spanning countries and industries. They needed a way to solve those problems and create innovative opportunities, and began testing approaches. System design is the result of that work.

The methodology is spreading like wildfire in the design world, industry, and innovation centers.

Applied Industries

System design is uniquely suited to technology and AI applications, but is useful for real-world analog business processes, supply chain, organizational transformation, sustainability efforts, and any other set of complex or intractable problems. It is a powerful method that applies across industries. Nur has used the method in innovation centers, finance, technology, government, pharmaceutical companies, and small businesses, to name a few. Her students have used system design in applications from service design to NGOs.