Nur Karadeniz

Nur’s mission is to help the world create more ethical, sustainable, and useful digital products. She regularly speaks on the future of design, creating services with manners, and the ethical use of technology and AI. Society’s hardest problems can be solved, Nur says, but the solutions must be designed in systems.

Making an impact by design

Nur has spent her career solving some of the world’s largest and most complex problems, such as the digital passport project for the United Nations. She has served as design director of cutting edge teams at prestigious innovation studios. She leads multi-disciplinary design teams working on R&D projects, bringing human-centricity to the intersection of design and emerging technologies in order to innovate solutions to help solve some of the challenges businesses and our society faces today.

Nur has academic background is computer science and MSc Human computer interaction design (UCL). She is currently part of CISL, Cambridge University – Institute for Sustainability and Leadership. 


Crafting systems 

Nur believes that carefully crafted innovations and collaboration will lead to efficient use of new technologies and sustainable services that people love. 

Her work has garnered six patents and over a dosen awards, including the BBC iWonder Experience Award and the D&AD Social Impact Award. She has formed award-winning teams across several countries, and regularly mentors the next generation of designers. She teaches at conferences and universities globally, from Europe to Argentina and Singapore. She is currently writing a book on system design.